VESL’s Full Spectrum+ Capsules are one of the most unique hemp products online, period!

For three years, our hemp capsules have remained one of our top selling hemp oil products. They also contain a full-spectrum hemp oil which is amazing quality! Most cbd oil capsules on the market are made with low quality oil, but not ours. We use only the highest quality CBD distillate (fancy term for CBD oil) and we have paired it with beneficial carrier oils for an extra health boost! Our formulation process is so well designed that you always get an accurate amount of cannabinoids in every CBG oil capsule. Order our CBD, CBG, or CBN capsules online and we know you will be satisfied. Buy hemp capsules online through our award-winning website and trust the quality of our manufacturing.

VESL’s complete line of Full Spectrum + Liquid Gels are formulated with a one of a kind cannabinoid profile. Each formula is infused with a complementing carrier oil to enhance the natural benefits. Experience the most diverse cannabinoid profile on the market.

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