Hi my name is Stacy Pitts and I am the co-founder of CBD bio care interviewing our resident doctor Dr. Frank who is a chiropractor in Buffalo New York he’s a functional medicine expert and we could talk about all the other things and he’s an expert in just very diverse and and he’s our go-to guy because he’s an expert on CBD and most notably CBD bio care so good morning Doctor.

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Frank good morning Stacey I’m excited about the topic that we’re going to to discuss today and that’s skin care and how CBD is great topically as well as ingesting so we’re going to talk about some skin issues we can talk about our anti-aging cream and why CBD would be infused in an anti-aging cream and how it could possibly help but I think I want to start with you know why we would want to put something CBD in general topically especially if we’re trying to combat typical skin irritations like psoriasis eczema acne how can CBD help people fighting those ailments yeah of course so really excited to talk about today’s topic the skin being one a part of one of the largest organ systems in our body the skin also having one of the most abundance of cb2 receptors cannabinoid receptors so our skin in one of the largest organs in our body also coincidentally has some of the most cannabinoid receptors found throughout our body now obviously that would imply that there’s potential for CBD to be a benefit Stacey if people have been watching our other podcast they’re familiar with the fact that CBD has been shown to be a strong anti-inflammatory right we’ve said that over and over and over again when we look at different conditions we can talk about psoriasis first we know that psoriasis is an autoimmune driven condition so an immune system problem that’s predominantly driven by inflammation CBD has been shown to be a strong anti-inflammatory now that’s both topically and taken orally I can tell you here in Buffalo being a chiropractor one of the groups that I work with is a lot of people who suffer from something called psoriatic arthritis this is where they will get the psoriatic rashes on their elbows on their knees but their joints will also be inflamed too from this autoimmune disease they have had great success with using your products now prior to the prebiotic spray which we’ll talk about a little bit we would actually just have them rub the oil onto the skin topically and some patients would actually see the rash start to go away all their patients would report at a minimum pain relief relief from that itching relief from that burning sensation that’s typically experienced with psoriasis the other thing too because this is an autoimmune driven skin condition we would also have them taking the oil orally to help calm down that systemic immune system response that overactive immune system responds CBD when taken orally in the cases of those individuals has been shown to act as an immune system depressant so to kind of slow down that overactive immune system for the interval individuals suffering.



I have a question so my understanding is that psoriasis and eczema may be acne sometimes right hack but that it’s the results of another issue so if there’s imbalance or inflammation or something going on internally that it might show up as eczema or psoriasis that it’s not like you catch psoriasis or you catch eczema it’s a result of something going on internally which makes sense why CBD would help calm the noise which would also help the irritations is that accurate?

Yeah it’s absolutely accurate so there’s two two points to be said about that so if we look at our traditional medical approach textbook approach what do we say about psoriasis and eczema well there’s not really a known cause but we know that allergens might cause as well we know that chemical irritants might cause a lot we know that stress cold weather things like that may bring about a psoriasis outbreak we’ll say okay an outbreak of these rashes but we usually say from a traditional Western medicine standpoint we don’t fully know the cause maybe its genetic now when we speak from a functional medicine standpoint where we kind of look at the body as a whole we always say the skin is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside right we always say the skin is a reflection of what’s going on with our health inside especially when it comes to gut health so one of the big things that we talk to people about when they’re presenting with skin conditions whether that’s acne psoriasis or eczema worse we want to know what’s going on inside this person’s got is there inflammation going on due to certain foods that they’re eating for example is gluten or dairy an underlying trigger or cause of this person’s psoriasis or eczema outbreak so yes in the cases of someone else is there a psoriasis the result of some other autoimmune process some other autoimmune disease is it stress is this person involved in a very toxic work environment a very toxic relationship and is that leading to these outbreaks right I can’t tell you the amount of young kids that we spoke to over the years from a functional medicine standpoint with acne who would tell us school. breaking up with the girlfriend or the boyfriend they would say listen it’s making my acne worse I know stress is playing a role in this and that’s now been proven it has to do with the cortisol levels being imbalanced.

One of the biggest things that I you want to talk about is that in valence of healthy bacteria to bad bacteria so in our gut we have good bacteria and these bacteria do good things they help with detox they help with our mental clarity they help with our energy levels and then there’s bad bacteria in our gut too and we want to try and keep a healthy balance between those two things from an acne standpoint from psoriasis standpoint especially we’re always interested in having more good bacteria then we are bad bacteria the same thing applies topically people who are having major outbreaks of psoriasis or acne that prebiotics spray that you guys have just recently rolled out what an excellent thing because not only are we getting the anti inflammatory effects of the CBD but now we’re also providing nutrients for those good bacteria to thrive on from a topical point of view.



Well you know it’s really interesting because once again our conversation I love that we’re talking about bacteria and how like the prebiotic spray can combat that but the fact that you were just talking about these skin irritations that once again are the result of inflammation it’s it’s I think a topic that we talk about every podcast that we do and we’ve mentioned that inflammation is the root cause of most disorders and disease and here we are once again talking about inflammation it seems that if you can calm the inflammation you’re going to calm the side-effects and it’s going to be a win-win and CBD is an anti-inflammatory it also helps calm your system and create balance which sounds kind of kooky when we say that so kind of explain how it does balance our system and put everything in check so if you have diabetes maybe it will help with your sugar levels if you have you know high blood pressure it might help you know not maybe get you off blood pressure medication but help balance so how does it balance our system.

Sure I can use let me let me give you a personal example so growing up I actually had horrendous acne when I was a child really really bad they wanted to put me on accutane which is a pretty harsh acne medication you have to go for regular liver testing and at the time if I look back it’s pretty confident I can say my system was out of whack I was in high school and all guys high schools you could imagine you know some stresses can come from that at the same time too I had a horrible diet right I was drinking pop all the time I think my breakfast was a toaster strudel and a pop-tart so sugar sugar all day long right and this is just kind of what I grew up with this is it was accepted at this time that this was pretty standard for a kid in his teens to be eating I would tell my dermatologists something’s not right here I really think sugar is the problem at the time they would say no there’s not a chance that it’s not the sugar I’m telling you has nothing to do with it so one time.

Jamie I can’t believe they to you that!

Oh yes very much so so we did an experiment and I drank six root beers and I did it right before my appointment with her and they wanted to go in and actually do like a borderline surgical thing because the outbreak was so bad and that confirmed for me that it was sugar eventually stuff got started out now let’s talk about we’re talking about balancing the body and CBD okay so this is where I’m going with that yeah no I love that you did your own experiment you know and you were practicing even before you had your degree Oh way before I knew that I was it was just so obvious because anytime I would eat chocolate or drink root beer with my friends my face would break out 24 to 48 hours later that still happens I stopped eating sugar a long time ago for the most part because it’s out of vanity I just didn’t like my face breaking out anymore what do you know it turned out to be a healthy decision in the long run but well it’s what happens when we eat a lot of sugar it’s gonna create a spike in our blood sugar levels in our insulin levels that can eventually impact our cortisol levels so now we’re talking about all types of hormonal imbalances we see this a lot in females who are suffering from acne either younger females or postmenopausal females especially when it comes to dairy products this creation of hormonal imbalances occurs when we talk about CBD one of the things that it’s been shown to do is it’s been shown to help balance hormone levels so this is interesting to me from the standpoint of the young kid who’s going through changes as he’s becoming an adult who’s going through these hormonal fluctuations or someone you know most classic I can think of a postmenopausal female who’s having issues skin issues and things along those lines due to changes in estrogen levels. So if we can take CBD and it helps to create balance in our hormones that in turn might create balance in our skin if someone has problems with blood sugar levels or if they’re just that type A person and they are always stressed and they’re running running really high on cortisol all the time that stress hormone if CBD can help to reduce some of that stress and they believe that that stress leads to acne, wow what a great thing if we can balance the stress maybe that’s going to have an impact on our skin health I said this in our live just last night remember CBD works like this and this was ultimately your question our body makes its own endocannabinoids as we go through out changes in life especially as we age they’re finding if we’ve had trauma an autoimmune disease these people seem to have less levels of their own cannabinoids present when we take CBD oil it helps our body produce more of its own cannabinoids naturally so that’s how it creates balance, those cannabinoids then regulate our endocannabinoid system.

That’s fantastic information I love hearing that because it it really ties back to that whole holistic approach that we talk about and how really it’s all related it’s not it’s not really separate but the other thing I was thinking about when you were talking is the absorption rate we talked about the bioavailability when CBD is taken orally under the tongue sublingually but what is the absorption topically.

Oh that’s a great question so okay when we’re talking about just rubbing it on it’s actually negligible most things would say the absorption into the bloodstream is negligible okay so I have a lot of people who ask I get drug tested should I be concerned about using a topical and I can confidently say to them no I have no concerns about that because there should not be a detectable amount making it to the blood. The absorption is going to be on that superficial layer of the skin though that first layer it binds to the very superficial CB cannabinoid receptors but it does not go much farther than that when we’re using it topically now if someone is using a transdermal patch so a transdermal like we would think of a nickerette patch or a nicotine patch that is a different story that absorbs into the blood that’s a whole different story but just using it topically very very superficial absorption onto those cannabinoid receptors but it won’t actually make it to the bloodstream. That’s why for people who do have an autoimmune driven psoriasis or maybe a really bad accent that they can’t get under control will recommend the oral solution too.

Cbd BiocCare palm desert

Cbd BiocCare palm desert

Right, so that’s why it’s both not one or the other and the other thing is just to be clear anybody watching this Dr. Frank mentioned a drug test our product we removed the THC so even if you’re ingesting it you’re not gonna fail drug tests you have to have 25 milligrams of THC as a minimum in your system to fail a standard drug test but again drug testing is not I mean if you’re being tested for CBD you would test positive I don’t even know of a test that does that but just wanted to make that make that clear but it’s really interesting that it’s used in conjunction now if someone has I’ve worked with people who’ve come in my office with psoriasis over a large part of their body obviously it would be costly to put oil over your entire arm if that’s where the outbreak is if it’s just a little bit on you elbows like you said is very common you could put a little oil there and test it and see how that works but we do have other products that people have talked about really helping obviously the prebiotic spray also some of our topical pain relief creams have been helpful because they have CBD but they also have some other ingredients: Emu Oil, Arnica, Boswellia. Some of these other products that can help with topical pain because sometimes eczema or psoriasis is actually painful topically so that might be an option as well you’d want to test it there are some products that we have that do have menthol depends on which one your you’re using so you want to make sure that it’s not going to burn but my husband uses that and because he occasionally gets outbreaks of eczema and he doesn’t have any problem if he catches an eczema outbreak early and like on his foot because he wherever it rubs and he puts a little bit of oil there he can prevent it from getting out of control if he misses it then it’s kind of too late and then he might actually need an antibiotic so it you kind of learn by using the product how it works for you topically I don’t really use it except if I get a little cold sore outbreak but truth be told since I’ve been taking CBD I don’t even get cold sores anymore I mean they just don’t happen every once in a blue moon I might get a little you know I’m like oh that kind of feels like it might be a cold sore I put a little CBD on it and never ever appears I mean I literally haven’t had a cold sore since I’ve been taking the taking it so it’s really interesting how it can work topically how it can work internally to really just be a win-win for our systems I mean I always tell people you may not be in pain you may not have anxiety you may not have problems sleeping I mean god bless you if you don’t have any of these issues yeah but CBD just like vitamin C is still good for you because we all have inflammation and I mean you can’t avoid some inflammation so it’s just a good supplement to take you know even if you don’t have some of these issues.

Yeah it’s it’s worked its way very quickly into our regimen of right multivitamin probiotics Buffalo New York so vitamin D and then CBD right it’s it just has because of the benefits we’ve seen people have with it I mean it’s it’s been pretty undeniable in our office is now going on I think close to three years with you guys so it’s really been a great experience and Stacy you said something else too that’s so important it’s it’s part of that bigger picture thing right I said this in a live it’s one of my favorite things to tell patients okay you’re working on acne you’re working on psoriasis can you start to look at your nutrition and change your nutrition can you start to do light exercises there are other healthy lifestyle modifications that go hand-in-hand with CBD you know CBD is that it’s it can kick-start so many things for people I see it happen all the time so I just tell people take full advantage take full advantage of the potential that you have to get you know I’m your path to healing here whatever that path may look like.



Absolutely now let’s turn our focus to vanity focus on our anti-aging cream as a woman over 40 you know I care about what I’m putting on my skin I an anti-aging cream we have we have two lines we have an anti-aging cream CBD bio skincare and that has FDA approved ingredients that have which means for our sake and proven ingredients to do what we say they do helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles yada yada right typical anti-aging product it’s not an fda-approved product but it has FDA improved ingredients it was an FDA approved line when we added CBD that FDA approval went away but but what’s important for you to know are those ingredients have been proven to do what we say they do you had CBD now you have another antioxidant and you have an anti-inflammatory which is great for skin care right we also offer an all-natural line which has all natural ingredients so people that are really sensitive to that you know that you have an anti age with all-natural ingredients so to me CBD topically in a skincare line if you’re boosting the ability as an antioxidant as a moisturizer and as an anti-inflammatory it’s a win-win.

It really is and we’ve talked about this in all our podcasts so it’s very accepted now that what ages us if we say what ages us is people the answer cross the board that you’re gonna hear is oxidation okay so we explain this like we explain rust on a car or a banana that starts to turn a discoloration so an oxidation reaction occurs and this is what causes that rusting or that that that discoloration of things the same type of stuff happens to our skin just by being alive and walking around and living day to day these oxidation reactions when you use an antioxidant it fights the free radicals the bad things that cause oxidation to occur wrinkles things along those lines they blame those on oxidation reactions if we can apply a topical antioxidant in combination with an apple stem cell cream or some of these other amazing fda-approved ingredients yes that should help with that anti-aging process that should help keep people looking younger for a longer period of time now Stacy I can tell you this in my offices it’s something we’re getting into because skincare is becoming so important and so popular as you know it’s not something we’ve done a lot with yet but I’ll tell you this I sometimes people go on my website and they buy the CBD oil as per my recommendation I’ll see they also purchased the under eye cream a retinol cream skin care cream and I can tell you these are repeat purchases that we’ve seen from people in the past so what does that tell me obviously my patients are very very satisfied with your skin care line and I didn’t even talk to them about it so it’s really a fantastic thing.

You know it’s it’s one of those things that we haven’t on our site we don’t we don’t really talk about it enough I think because focus is always on the oil and what it’s doing for people from a health and wellness perspective um but you know it is important to talk about your skin um if you’re not concerned about wrinkles it’s still good in terms of just taking care of your skin you know it just really is as you mentioned it is our largest organ it is something that we should still be paying attention to because if if for nothing else if you’re not concerned about moisturizing if you’re not concerned about it from an anti-inflammatory aging perspective being an antioxidant and actually protecting your skin from the environment is a good thing

Absolutely we are exposed to so many different environmental allergens and toxins throughout the day you can go online and read about that environmental toxic load that we’re just exposed to his people why would you not want that extra layer protection which reminds me sunburns. I have had so many people have a sunburn and utilize either the pain cream or even the oil have you have you heard about that before?

Oh yeah absolutely and and I’ve had people use the pain cream but we’ve also had people use our skin care so if they get you know the apple stem cell for example if they have a sunburn it can absolutely be used topically for burns and we have products with retinol that can actually help with age spots so it which would be the result of sun damage sorry though the skin care line is is really amazing again I don’t think it we give it as much play as it deserves but yes absolutely for for sunburns you know here in Florida we hear that all the time.

Right I’m in Buffalo so it’s not that often it’s only when people go to Florida during winter and they come back and they say Oh Dr. Frank  can’t you adjust me my skin’s on fire but they’ll really refer great great things about that and I agree with you I’m sure over the next few weeks we’ll do a skincare podcasts were focused on those products because at this point and that’s one of the fastest-growing industries you know if you the stock markets don’t lie right there’s a reason why people are investing in and looking at CBD being used in skincare so successfully and if you look at any of the projections and companies and things like that they’re saying this is not a fad this is the real deal this this is the real deal.

Absolutely my regimen is I use our our all-natural scrub which has literally ground pumice stone and apricot of seeds to give you a little bit of roughage so I use it about three times a week it’s safe enough to use daily but it’s a great exfoliator,  it also moisturizes then I use my under eye cream and I use the apple stem cell I like the apple stem cell personally because it’s a little bit thicker and I really like knowing that I have something on my face and especially in the morning at night I just like that it’s a little bit thicker and so I am the biggest fan of our apple stem cell cream and so that’s what I use if you like a lighter cream more of a whipped light consistency you would want to try out our AM/PM or our collagen retinol but all really great skin care I love our skin care line or all-natural line or ageless cream has a hint of lavender if you like us scent or other items are not scented but we’ll definitely talk more about these and we’ll have videos for our for our products coming soon so you know I I’m in love with our products I love talking to you Dr. Frank and really understanding the medicinal value and and hopefully we’re able to help people today with this video especially those people fighting these uncomfortable sometimes just atrocious skin conditions that can just be so painful uncomfortable and unsightly and you know so I hope it can help people that are dealing with these

it’s so important you know we don’t it’s very sad I know even when I had the horrible acne and stuff it ruins so many aspects of things so many social aspects of my life were damaged by it right you don’t want go to that prom. You don’t want to go to work with your coworkers there’s so many things that can be impacted by skin conditions I you know anyone listening that is suffering I would say listen absolutely give this a shot it’s it’s it’s safe it’s it’s worth giving a shot because the chances of it working based on feedback that we get and based on that we’re seeing in the literature are pretty good and like anything Stacy I’d like to out with this how much should I take if someone’s taking it orally it’s it’s like anything I I told people last night in our offices we start most people around 20 milligrams a day okay I’m talking about adults one time a day in the morning we started them around 20 milligrams and then we’re usually increasing or decreasing from there to start okay um just pay attention to your symptoms pay attention to the rash pay attention to the energy levels pay attention to your sleep pay attention to the headaches anything you have going on monitor it and see how you’re doing and watch our video on dosage but yeah 20 milligrams is a good starting point.

awesome well thank you Dr. Frank if you have watched this video and you still have questions just give us a call or email us and we’ll make sure you can connect with Dr. Frank as well thank you have a great day.

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