If you’re one of the 50 million-plus Americans that experience difficulty falling asleep at night, you may want to consider putting your best “natural” foot forward and give this very unique CBN oil a try. Adding CBN to your bedtime routine could unlock the ability to help you get the sleep you need, and FAST!

Cannabinol oil in recent CBN studies has indicated it may be beneficial for sleep. We have formulated our own CBN with this purpose in mind, and welcome you to try it! Designed for complete relaxation & deep sleep, FAST! New go-to formula offering all-natural organic ingredients. CBN Oil + Sleep offers a convenient 1-2ml max serving size for portability and ease of use.


The CBN potency in this bottle is much stronger than most as it offers 50mg of CBN (+/- 5mg) per milliliter; it could quite possibly be the strongest CBN oil for sale online.

Furthermore, to create a CBN oil product that will help a broader range of consumers, we’ve decided to go a step further by carefully extracting, adding, and infusing several more research-driven ingredients.

These unique ingredients are a proprietary blend that we like to call “Nature’s Night Night Boosters”. CBN oil with sedative terpenes, which research has shown, could be an effective amplifier to the wellness benefits one could experience. This amplified result is what some call, the Entourage Effect. It’s a simple yet powerful combination of sedative herb extracts.


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